My young roo is not well, I do believe he is dying. He died last night

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  1. O.K. , usually I can take care of the flock with enough research and alot of effort on my part to take them through most illness I have encountered so far.

    This one just has me baffled. I am really not good to identify the poop colors since it is pretty hard to do and put a disease with them.

    This roo started squirting almost pure white poop, maybe with a little regular green. At first I thought he was stressed or drank excessive or maybe he ate something that was harmful. He ate, drank and ran around o. k., he even roosted at night, no weezing, no snot, not eye problems no respiratory problems.

    I kept him in the horse barn for the day and looked at his poop and watched him carefully. He is still pooping almost a pure white and now he is uncoordinated and seems to be uanable to fly to his roost.

    I put him in the wire mesh stall in the laying boxes (no one is using them, it is too cold) and he is just in there. Not doing well.

    I lost a white notch Polish this day, he also was not doing well, but his poop was not like the roo I am typing about. I think he was just ready to go.

    I almost expect for him to be dead in the morning. He is a young red jungle fowl with yellow legs, the only other roo like this I have.

    I am really pretty sad about this, since he was hatched from an egg I found in the old barn from a hen that I no longer have. She ran away when we moved.

    Any suggestions (besides isolation) would be greatly appreciated.
    I am just at a loss with this. I am also afraid for the rest of the flock.

    I have been finding dead wild birds about the property lately, more than usual.
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  2. Anyone please. It is going to be really cold here tonight. I fear the worst. I have had a CLOSED flock now for months. No one in and no one out.
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    did they get hold of some moldy feed?
  4. luvmychicknkids

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    Sorry I don't have any ideas, but can you at least take him inside for the night?
  5. Hi there
    Get some garlic, peel it and steep it in hot water, wait for it to cool and then get an eye dropper and squirt some in his mouth and then watch for him to swallow it. Try and get at least three squirts into him. Offer bread and milk and fresh water. He may be poisoned if you have found and excessive number of dead wild birds.
    See if you can locate someone who has FRESH WHEATGRASS JUICE and if in 24hrs, or in the morning (whenever that is for you) he looks like he has made some improvement then give him some of the juice and then follow that (at night) with the garlic again. Let me know how you go.
    Good luck.
  6. Interesting enough, there is a post just tonight that has poop pictures on it (chicken poop/ urine supposed to look like for healthy)
    I have copies and put the picture of the one I am getting from him here:


    I haver read this may be a kidney problem. I am going to the barn to retrieve him an put him in a carrier for the night in th mud room.

    Thanks all.
  7. Well, after a night in the mud room (the temp was about 40 in there), he had to be moved out to the portable building (wife said NOW!!). It is heated on one side for the young chicks. I put him on the other side so he will not get used to the heat. It is about 35 or so degrees in there. He is in a enclosed kennel and is eating and I think drinking. He is pretty thin, so I gave him some medicated starter along with some poultry grain. I will put in electrolytes and minerals in the water tonight. Wish me luck.
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    Glad to hear he is still with you. Good luck, I hope he gets better. [​IMG]
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    I wonder if his kidneys haven't gone on the fritz...White is urates basically chicken pee.
    I'll send some healing thoughts his way.
  10. Well, it was really cold last night, he was just not getting along at all. He ate a little, but did not drink. I found him dead in the carrier this morning. Such a pretty boy, I hated losing him.

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