My young roo stinky has been stinky his entire life help


Mar 30, 2018
Alright so this is def not my first time raising and caring for chicks. I ended up getting some chicks from tractor supply this year because the last batch of chicks i incubated destroyed the poor thing so now i cant hatch out eggs anymore. So i had picked up six chicks and one of them was a R.I.R. as soon as i had picked him up i realized he reeks to high heaven! I was like okay well lets make sure he is pooping amd eating amd drinking okay, and well for sure he is doing all of those very well. Now that about a month has gone by he is still acting normal getting his big boy wattles in but uhhgg he still stinks. Its coming from his mouth but it doesnt smell like sour crop! It smells odd definately bad but not like poop, infection, puss/ rott or fermentation of the crop. Please help im out of ideas here and even tho he shows no signs of being sick at all im still worried

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