My youngest son called me tonight...


8 Years
Apr 1, 2011
And told me that I'm going to be a grandma !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Granted, I do wish he would have waited a little longer but he has a job, his own apartment and is doing good.
I am so shocked and surprised. I don't know if to laugh, cry or do some crazy dance. Going baby shopping tomorrow.
Awwwwwwww you shoul dbe doing the baby is coming dance it looks sorta like a cross between the funky chicken and disco.hehehe
Congrats, you will love being a grandma
He will be 20 in a few days. Like I said I wish he would have waited longer but what's done is done. Nothing to do now but be supportive. No this isn't my first grandbaby. I have 2 others a boy and a girl, Tate and Jada but they live in Ohio and I don't get to see them.
It's so funny. He was telling me that he needed to find out what his gf could and could not eat while pregnant. I told him she can eat anything she wants unless it gives her heartburn then she may not want it. He was concerned about fish being bad for her because someone told him the mercury in it can harm her or the baby. It took me 10 minutes of telling him that she can eat fish and crabs. So he is taking her to her fav place today. Joe's crabshack. LOL The baby isn't even here and that poor kid is so worried about everything.


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