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Nov 29, 2020
Hi all,
i am having trouble with one of my hens.
last week i started treating them for mycoplasma because they have been showing respiratory problems and i decided to give them a mix of toxycilin and doxycycline that i got from pigeon supplies plus.
they are on their 6th day of this in their water and still one has bubbly eyes and I don’t know what to do. Also they are still showing signs or respiratory problems but since she has been having bubbly eye i would only think it is mycoplasma and i have some old girls and i dont want them to die from this.
She seems to be gradually declining.
does anyone know anything else i can do or??
thank you for any opinions or ideas or even tagging people who can help.
MG is a chronic disease for life. Symptoms usually go away with some antibiotics. You can clean the eyes with saline and apply a small dab of Terramycin eye from your feed store. If they do not have it, use plain Neosporin ointment twice a day. If you lose a bird, send the body to your state poultry vet who can test for MG eith a necropsy. Here is some reading about MG: Recognizing and Preventing Mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG) Infecti....pdf

Here is a list of state poultry vets where you can ask about testing live birds or get a necropsy:
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If you lose a bird, send the body to your state poultry vet who can test for MG
If the test is positive, will the state require you to cull your flock? Do you go on some sort of list? This may vary by state, I'd guess...

I read of a woman who bought true potato seeds online from outside the country. (Very dumb thing to do!) She was fined, her plants were taken, and the top 6" of garden soil removed, because of fear of disease transmission. :hmm

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