8 Years
Jul 19, 2011
A few months ago, one of my light sussex hens died suddenly, i searched the internet and found out she may of died of Mycoplasma, she was showing symptons, of sneezing, gasping, rattling and maybe a runny nose? So i bought active silver of for Mycoplasma, so the rest of the flock didnt get it, however they all seem to be sneezing and rattling and showing symptons and so i bought herban of the website which is also meant to cure it however nothing seems to be working, could it be something else, need desperate help, i dont wont to loose any more hens
May not be mycoplasmosis at all. Could be viral. Could be fungal. Check out this thread and read about the symptoms of fungal infection and see if they fit.

the brutal hot, humid summer the U.S. has experienced with all the wetting down of pens we have done to keep them cool, resulting in rotting straw and other things to create fungal spores, etc, could be fungal in nature. It's not contagious bird to bird, but they can suffocate from fluid in their trachea and lungs. Not sure where you are, exactly, but just read the links in the first post on that thread and see what you think.

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