Mylo the BR Rooster is becoming quite the ladies man.......

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    May 7, 2011
    This evening during free range time, Mylo successfully mounted one of the pullets that is very near POL with nary a feather flyin. I could tell by the "Shake Your Tailfeather" moves she was doing right afterwards. A little while later he tried the "Rooster Shuffle" on one of the other pullets, but before he reached the grand finale, she flew him the bird and trotted off. He then later tried to woo one of the girls with a nice fat bug, but she was oblivious to his machinations, so after the cooing and about the fourth or so bug drop, he ate it himself. The big hen (PR) who is chronically PMS'n has him so bluffed he won't even attempt a wink or eyebrow waggle on her.

    The great thing is, he still gets along famously with his brother, Otis. I can put him in a trance by rubbing his wattles and comb (he will peck on my pants for more). And he has shown no aggression towards me.

    Yeppers, he is definitely a keeper!!!

    Will edit for a new mugshot soonest!

    I know I will be getting egglets any day now (holding my breath). [​IMG]

    New pix
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    Apr 16, 2011
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    My cockerel Roostroyer fell in love with my creamy white pullet Megatron (we love nerdy names XD). The is a problem to this love story: he is a 6 pound light brahma cockerel, she is a 2.2lbs mystery breed pullet. She and her sisters are part of a flock a neighbor would let roam free, and after finding dead chicks often in March (it was rather cold and rainy here in SoCal in that month), we decided to keep the three chicks that were hiding in our front yard one night. A couple of months later we got our boy... and well he grew much more than I thought and the pullets have grown only half of what I hoped. He's actually mounted her a few times now, and I watch them carefully to make sure she doesn't get hurt. So far no wounds, no feather loss, and when she gets away she fluffs up and walks away. I have another pullet that is over 3lbs and to whom he has tried to mount too... but she gets mad and pecks him hard and fights him, making him run.

    I know it's risky to keep such a large rooster with small hens, but my nieces love him a lot and when I mentioned that I might have to find him a new home if he is too rough with the pullets, both of them cried a lot. These are the first pets they have (the girls are 8 and 11 years old), and they have been helping me a lot in taking care of the chickens, so I don't want to break their hearts unless I really have to. If the chickens are getting along well and if in the next couple of months I see that Roostroyer not hurting them, then I'll keep him for sure.

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