Mysterious Chick appears, a different chick disappears

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    April 15th (2 weeks ago today) our "always Broody" granny hatched one chick out of the 11 eggs she was sitting on. Not sure what scared her away from the others. We were out of state for Easter. The one little yellow chick that hatched was so tiny! Much smaller than any of the other chicks she's hatched. It was as small all the bantam chicks you buy at SS or something, but we have no bantams. So for the last two weeks, she's been running around with "Midget" as I called it.. Yesterday, my husband comes up to me and says "why does Granny now have two chicks marching around with her?" I thought surely he was crazy but sure enough when I went out there she had Midget and then another chick that was probably four times the size of Midget. NO CLUE where this chick came from!! NO other chickens in our area (besides ours) and the only other chicks we have (3) are accounted for. Today,, my sweet little MIDGET is gone and Granny is running around only with the bigger chick. We've searched and searched for Midget, but can only assume something got her. Granny is a great mother and this is the first time one of her chicks have disappeared out of the 4 times she's hatched since with us. The "mysterious" chick is the same size as the chicks are NORMALLY when they are three or four days old.. I am so confused. Any insight ? I'm so confused.
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    I can't begin to guess where the extra chick came from. My guess on the other one would be that maybe it was stunted and didn't thrive.
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    I'm so confused lol.. That new chick will have to be called "Mystery" it can fly.. saw it today flying up to Granny. The tiny one was so cute and was constantly for the last two weeks out eating with it's mom, etc... either died from failure to thrive or maybe something got it.. Granny has always been super protective so I was doubting that anything got her. I know anything can happen.. oh well I guess, gonna miss that little runt though!

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