Mysterious death of a 3 month old serama chick

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    I have 2 mille fleur serama chicks I hatched from eggs I got from a fellow BYC'er, the chicks were healthy and thriving with their mother(white leghorn hen) The chicks were raised in the garage coop with their mother and were exposed to the rest of my flock which happen to be 100% healthy as well. The past few days I noticed the pullet was puffed out and not moving around much so I brought her, her hatch mate and her mother in the house thinking it was because she was getting too cold out there. SHe perked right up as soon as she got in the house. Last night I went to go shut off the lights in the office and they were already on the roost for the night and all was well or so I thought. When I got up this morning I went to go turn on their light in the room and the pullet was laying dead under the roost. I took her out and began inspecting her body. SHe had yellow pussy looking stuf oozing from her eye sockets, and ears and blood coming from her mouth. No foul smells, no congestion when she was still alive, no mites,worms, or anything else I can think of. Her crop was empty this morning when I found her. Her mother wouldn't leave her side even tho she had passed. Any clues on what this could have been? I am VERY worried about my other birds now even tho everyone is acting completely normal. Should I keep mama and the other lone chick isolated? I am sooo bummed out now, I was really excited about the way the 2 chicks were turning out and looking forward to adding them to the flock of seramas in the spring. The bedding I used was pine shavings and straw was used in the garage coop. The feed was non medicated chick starter altho they had dabbled in the layer crumble when they were out in the garage but never more then a few crumbs here and there as I had several chick starter feeders around and only one feeder with the adult feed in it. I also offered fine grit free of choice and they got scrambled eggs about 2-3 times a week and occasionally scratch grains as a treat. The chick hadn't been oozing any of this yellow pussy stuff until after she had passed. Her poops were normal and she was eating/drinking just fine.
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    I wish i could help. Bumping you up*

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