Mysterious Rooster Death??

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  1. Scarfo

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    Mar 27, 2016
    So we've had a Barred Plymouth Rock Rooster for a year (got him last April as a chic). He started Crowing like CRAZY 3-4 Months later, neighbors complained to Borough- So then we were forced to get rid of him or "solve" the noise problem. Our solution was the no crow rooster collar. He was wearing it for 6-7 months and it worked Great! Every month or so we'd adjust it as it would loosen up. so like 2 days ago, I adjusted it like always, and this afternoon I found our boy DEAD in the main coop! THE ONLY THING OUT OF THE NORM was yesterday our neighbor had a visitor at their house that brought their ****** dog- and this medium sized dog was TORMENTING our boy for god knows how long( we came home to this). Our coops are against our neighbors fence, and this dog was chasing and barking at our boy like CRAZY! Finally neighbor came and got the dog. We also let the rooster out of our small coop and with the rest of the flock. (He was trapped in this small coop and run). When I let the flock out this morning, all birds were fine, noticed that the TOP of our roosters comb was tinted black, almost like he had frost bite or something, I came back 5 hours later and found his entire comb blood soaked and he was dead.. [​IMG] Does ANYONE have any idea as to what could of happened to him? Could the Collar combined with being terrorized cause an aneurysm maybe? Any info would be appreciated as we DONT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN EVER AGAIN! thanks- he's a pic of how we found him. (Hope it's not too graphic) [​IMG]
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    It almost looks as if he died of anoxia - either from a heart attack or choking or possibly even an aneurism.
  3. theoldchick

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    May 11, 2010
    Sorry for your loss. The blue tint definitely suggests lack of oxygen. Maybe a Necropsy by an avian vet might give you some answers.

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