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Mar 25, 2014
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Is it just me... or do Bantams grow suuuuuper slow???

I had my little guys for almost 10 days, and they seem to be the same size as the day I bought them!
The two Silkies grow steadily, but my mystery chicks only got a few more wing feathers.....
I have been searching Bantam chick pictures across the internet and found that
Old English
Japanese Phoenix
had similar markings as two of my chicks.
But now their feet are changing color!
Any ideas what else my babies could be?

I gave up on the two black chicks I have. Just too many options out there for now!



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I would go with Phoenix considering how blue those legs are looking. I know some of the Old English colors can have darker legs, though I'm not sure if that's to standard or not. Regardless, I'd predict that chick to end ups something along the lines of Black Breasted Red or similar and most of the pictures of OEGBs in those colors have the white/pearl/whatever legs.

Here is a 2-week old Golden Phoenix chick from feathersite:

ETA: could also be Dutch maybe? From feathersite:
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Dexters Mom

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Mar 25, 2014
Three Rivers, MA
Bit more than 3 weeks old now... I still have no clue about our little Bantams

They just seem to grow soooooooo sloooooooooow...........

Chick 1
Love the colors, pretty sure it is a Roo!
I think it just pooped in this shot, usually the tail feathers are way up high.

Chick 2
A bit larger and wider than the other black chick we have.

Chick 3
The calmest of them all!
Not as brightly colored as Chick 1. Not even sure if they are the same kind!?

This is the 2nd black chick. Tiny & Super feisty!!!
Compared to the other black chick, this one carries its tail feathers way up :)

Combined with the two Silkie Chicks they are a ton of entertainment!
There is a lot of chest bumping going on!!! I have the little guys crash into the Silkies all the time :)
My 6 red pullets are 3-4 weeks older and never scuffled like this!


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Jul 24, 2013
First one is probably a Golden Phoenix, though it is possible (but not likely) that it is a Light Brown Dutch Bantam.
Both black chicks are probably black Old English Game.
Chick #3 is a Crele Old English Game

The phoenix and crele look like cockerels, but the others appear to be pullets for now.
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