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    I have 2 BOs 2 EEs, 2 silkies and one cuckoo maran. They're 5 months old and haven't started laying yet. About 3 months ago I noticed a bald spot on the EEs back and posted about it here but it seemed to go away. Now it is very obvious though and they're not molting so it must be a bully chicken. One of the EEs bald spot is much smaller but when I picked her up yesterday I saw blood on her tail feathers, as if sone had just been picked off. people have suggested it is the cuckoo maran since apparently they can have that tendency but she is one of the sweetest chickens and seems low on the pecking order. Anyways, if you have any suggestions on how to stop this or which chicken might be doing it please let me know![​IMG][​IMG][/IMG][/IMG]
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    chicken saddles, no-pick lotion, and put pin less peepers on everybody.
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    You can often sit down or stand amongst your birds and watch their interactions. Take a cup of coffee and get comfortable. You should be able to observe who's doing it. I might then start by separating the guilty one out and then try to figure out why. Feather pecking is usually either a protein deficiency or from not enough space and boredom. Your hens are reaching sexual maturity and will become more moody and possibly short tempered, especially at this time of year. So hopefully you can figure it out soon.

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