Mystery Chick..what am I?


In the Brooder
8 Years
Mar 13, 2011
Hi everyone,
This chick is now feathering out and perhaps someone can idenitify her..and hopefully she is a she! Any ideas?

She does have feathered legs and she is by far the biggest chick. The others are an easter egger, Production Red and 2 Golden Comets. But the children picked this one out while I walked away to get chick feed...She is definately not the Austrolorp I thought I was getting lol. I'm glad she looks like a pullet to you. I REALLY don't want a rooster.
Looks an awful lot like my Light Brahma!! Let me tell you, she is about 19 wks old and bigger than my neighbors fully grown RIRs! And it looks like she has the same comb as my LB pullet!
Thanks everyone. It's funny. We haven't had the time to fawn over this batch of chicks like we did the first one. But they seem just as friendly:)

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