Mystery Chick


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7 Years
May 20, 2012
Fort Collins, CO
Any guesses on the breed and gender of this chick? The lady at the feed store thought that she was a golden laced wyandotte. But after looking online I realized that her comb is not right. Also wondering if she might be a he?

The super cute breed!
The chick coloring reminds me some of my BLRWs but more golden, so the breed could possibly be right? Someone else would know better than me. Wyandottes do sometimes throw single combs. I have a wyandotte pullet with a single comb. I kept her, but won't use her for breeding. As for gender, too early to be sure. If it is a wyandotte, they are tricky to sex. I have a pullet that everyone insisted was a roo, but they were wrong, and she already had wattles at that age.
Good to know! Thanks for the input. I will keep hoping for the golden laced wyandotte pullet that I thought I was getting. She is a beautiful little thing! I will post more pics as she gets bigger.

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