Mystery chick


10 Years
Oct 16, 2009
Berkeley, CA
She had chipmunk style chick fluff. Now she is developing a golden head. Rest of feathers still chick-like at six weeks--non descript black brown mix.

Her legs are willow green. Sh does not have muffs or feathered wattles or feathered legs. Her comb is small. Maybe a pea comb. She is my rare exotic free chick from McMurray. Thanks for your guesses. alternatively she is an ameraucana and the free chick is single combed with black face, beard and muffs, slate legs, and black and red striped feathers resembling a brindle coat on a dog. I know one of these is an ameraucana.

McMurray's favorite freebie "exotic" chick is the Easter Egger which they call "Ameraucana". I would put the ratio of male to female freebies at 10:1. My freebie from them was an EE and I nearly croaked when it turned out to be a female. She lays beautiful aqua-green eggs.

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