Mystery chicken dropped off at my house... i think.

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  1. okay. I dont pay super close attention to my birds. When I let them out, the favorites cluster at my feet hoping for a hand out, and the other ones wander around all day. at night, I just shut the coop, without counting them or anything... if we've lost one, it's long gone by then. anyway, today i noticed a new chicken in the yard. i don't know what it is. it's short, and has a giant tail that sticks straight up in the air. i bet it's a rooster. anyway, if it's still there tomorrow, i will try to catch it and figure out if it belongs to someone... do people often dump chickens?

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    Yep, people dump unwanted roos in the country, at farms or with people who have chickens. Many urban areas dont allow roosters.
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    Just last week someone dumped a roo at our place.
  4. that seems so weird. have these people never heard of Craigslist? Where the hungry folks are usually willing to take a rooster off someone's hands? me neighbors down the road have chickens, but since all the chickens they have are ones I've given them, I can guarantee it's not theirs. It seems to be a japanese, or maybe a japanese mix. cause it's tail looks just like that, ridiculous.
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    If you like it, keep it. Just check the "lost" ads on Craigslist for a week or two. If someone comes looking for their lost rooster then, of course, return it.

    If you don't like it, Craigslist it!

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