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On May 3 I purchased 4 day old female chicks. When I received the box there were five chicks instead of four I called the hatchery and they couldn’t explain it, they just said to enjoy the free hen. I told them I would enjoy a free hen but not a free rooster . I have heard my cheeks with the pictures of what I ordered there are one or two of them that I can identify but there are other second night. I was going to post a picture of them along with the list of what I paid for, I would be grateful for any help and I know I probably put duplicates In here 9A8A13A6-8AD9-48F8-996A-E6C8C909F035.jpeg D3030A51-4065-4E2E-B896-443FFB902E1D.jpeg 50F27AAA-D484-4CAB-966F-BDE1A0510D41.jpeg B5C08C43-CA9E-4CD6-A8B6-599DEFA67652.jpeg but I wanted to be sure all of them seen 9A8A13A6-8AD9-48F8-996A-E6C8C909F035.jpeg View attachment 2171986


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In the photo with five chicks in the brooder:

--Far left, light gray chick is your Blue Splash Marans. (Color: Splash)

--Behind her, black chick, is your Black Orpington (black/blue/splash, you got black).

--Far right, dark brown chick, is your Jubilee Orpington.

--Bottom right is your Wyandotte, the only one with a rose comb. I think she's Black Laced Red (Black/Blue/Splash Laced Red, you got the black laced version.)

--Center chick, red with some white, is your mystery chick.
Based on her color, she's likely some kind of sexlink (good layer of brown eggs.)
She's on your order as "Meyer Meal Maker."
The company's explanation is here:

Edit to add:
I think your mystery chick is one of these. They're calling them "Golden Buffs." (Every hatchery sells similar sexlinks, and every hatchery seems to call them by a different name.)

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