Mystery chicks

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    Nov 7, 2015
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    Gather round and identify my chicks! I stopped at TSC today and they had just gotten in a chick shipment. They had Silkies, which I’ve been watching for, so I got three - and they had a bunch of chicks that were unmarked in a bin from a previous shipment so I got two

    I think they are either Welsummers or Light Brown Leghorns. They are probably 4-7 days old and some had much longer wing feathers than others. The chicks I picked were the longer wing variety, with dark, distinct eyeliner (I’m hoping I played the odds correctly!).

    Here they are:

    Chick #1
    2712542C-C675-4296-9F4A-9C9273850F22.jpeg 5F455843-8CE9-4297-A6AC-9D039DC1A73D.jpeg 3ECCDB8E-9C21-47AD-9DCA-BD2D099E1987.jpeg 6AAC3603-3AC5-4E8B-9877-90FF35A05F18.jpeg

    Chick #2
    3400BA5D-B75D-4591-AA8C-FC9A56E5A1A1.jpeg 7AA98C63-410B-497C-9111-0734B5890CD5.jpeg A20F92AA-3510-4777-9815-B347052781D1.jpeg

    Other possibilities: Speckled Sussex, though one associate said she thought they were only special order. Easter Egger, though I can’t discern any muffs and legs are yellow. I think I’ve seen Rhodebars can be this color? Or maybe something I haven’t thought of!

    What say ye, BYC?
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    Way too many possibilities to even try and guess at this point. You'll just have to wait till they are feathered in and more defining traits develop.
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    I just got 2 Speckled Sussex from TSC. One of them is the guy all alone in the pic. Looks alot like yours but its a pretty common pattern till later on in their life!

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