Mystery Chicks


12 Years
Jan 9, 2008
Washburn, MO
I still have 4 that I haven't been able to ID.
So far my "10 assorted rare breeds have turned out to be 2 Eygyptian Fayoumis, 4 Buttercups and these guys.
I have narrowed the 12 "Brown egg layers" to either BO's or New Hampshires. I'm leaning towards BO's becasue the feathers on the wings are coming in a very light, well, BUFF color!
Here are my UFO's. Anybody have any ideas?
The first has me totally stumped.

These 2 have similar markings to the EE's but no fluffy parts, and they just look distinct from them. Very sleek little guys. (or girls, I hope!)

After looking through the chick pics on Cackles site to see what breeds they have, I am leaning towards German Spitzhauben for these 2. I hope they are, they are cool looking birds!
The first one is an Old English Game bantam. Not quite sure on color variety though. Almost looks like a BRown Breasted Red. The second one is more difficult to tell, but you could be right with the Spitzhauben. Cute chicks!
It might not be what I am going to say but... I think the first one is an easter egger. Some of the easter egger chicks we hatched looked like that. It's just a guess though.
I think I would guess EE too. I had a chick from last year's batch that has no tuffs/muffs (whatever you call them) on her she just looks like a plain chicken but lays one of the prettiest green eggs I get.

Not sure on the second one though...
But that is supposed to be one of the 10 assorted rare breeds chicks! Unless, they consider the EE's to be in that catagory and threw in a couple extra. I have 11 that are DEFINATELY EE's
I am suprised no one has said phoenix for the first one. When we got a collection of layers from MM, one was a phoenix. We breed phoenix bantams, and the first one looks just like our light brown(black breasted red) phoenix. It would make sense because they are good layers of white eggs.
WooHoo! Someone else thinks it's a Phoenix! I went back through all the pics on Cackle's website of the rare breeds and I thought it looked like the pics of the Silver Phoenix chicks
day-old Silver Phoenix (Cackle website pic)

at 5 days

At 11 days

All the pics I've seen of Phoenix chicks have the same distinct shape to the eye markings.

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