Mystery critter in Pa???

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    Sep 5, 2008
    We lost one of our hens yesterday morning to a critter that pulled down the hardware cloth under the coop, crawled in, snatched a hen and left. We discovered a pile of feathers but no blood. We followed the trail of feathers to find the security breach and continued to search the yard for the carcass. All we found was another pile of feathers (no blood) and a WHITE egg nearby. The hen that was attacked was a brown layer! And I know for a fact that the white egg was freshly laid since I had just put the white hen back in after a stint in quarantine (another story). So, what the heck was it that snatched the brown hen and the white egg?? By the way, the egg was perfect and not damaged in any way and was about twenty feet from the coop. Weird! [​IMG]

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