Mystery deaths.....worms?

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    My chickens have started mysteriously dying. Yesterday the vet came out and did a health check on my goats and horses, she did stool check and found they have worms.

    My chickens have free run in the pasture. Could they have gotten worms from picking through the horse poo and from eating stuff in the same areas?

    If so how do I worm them and what do I use?

    Thanks for any help.
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    Your birds cant get horse or goat worms, species specific. However, they can get chicken worms. It would be best to worm your chickens and redose them 10 days after the initial worming. If you use safeguard liquid goat wormer for your goats, use it on your chickens. Dosage is orally undiluted 1/2cc for standard size birds and 1/4cc for smaller birds. Use a syringe without a needle to administer it. Dont forget to redose 10 days later. Toss eggs in the garbage for 14 days after the last dosing.
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