Mystery disappearance?


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May 19, 2016
New England
Hi all!

We have 6 barred rock hens, a little over a year old. Today they are out free ranging (which they get to do about 4 days a week - when we are home).

I noticed this morning, about an hour after I let them out, that one is missing. They always stay withing 15-20 feet of each other, and I have looked everywhere for this girl, but she is nowhere in sight.

I also have looked for evidence of her demise (feathers, blood, etc) and have found none.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what could have happened to her?

Thanks in advance!
How far do they range? I have 3 free range hens and often can't see any of them. Mine cover an area of 2 -3 acres. And mine don't stay together. Do yours come for treats? Take out some treats in a can you can shake and call them. This is a handy trick to teach them if they don't already come when called.
Hopefully one hasn't got a hidden nest, this is a possibility.
I wouldn't count her gone unless she doesn't show up tonight.
Hi Sue, thanks for your response!

They cover an area of 1.5 acre +/- of which I can find them if I just poke my head out a door and look around.
I did try the treats. They go crazy over them and all come running at me even if I just walk in the general direction of where I keep said treats haha!
I walked around the whole property shaking the bag and calling like I always do but she did not come. The bag shake ALWAYS works, but I will not count her gone unless she doesn't come home tonight.

Thanks again for your thoughts!

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