Mystery ducks off on eBay! (got the wrong breed!)

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  1. So a few months back, I won an auction for “blue muscovy” ducks. It was for 12+ eggs. I got 14 eggs and put them all into the ‘bator. By day 10, all but two were clear and not developing. Which was a disappointment, but they did come from the East Coast (I’m in Washington State).

    So anyway, I went to move them into the hatching ‘bator on what I thought was day 32 and they were HATCHING! So I left them alone. I thought they were maybe just too hot and that had made them pip early.

    Both hatched out and were a beautiful, grayish-blue with little yellow bibs (not optimum, but okay) and very blue little legs. They also had blue bills.

    They have been growing like weeds but were about 1/3 the size of the older Muscovies I also had which hatched out a week ahead of the blues.

    So last night I go down to do my nightly check on their water and I hear, “QUACK, QUACK.” I look at my chickens and chicks who are staring back at me and then to the adult muscovies…who are doing their head-bobbing and hissing at me. One of the ducklings was quacking!!! So after picking my jaw off the ground and went inside and looked through my stack of poultry catalogs. It looks like I have a nice pair of Blue SWEDISH ducks. Sighs. They are cute and very pretty…but NOT what I paid for. Of course, the woman who sold them to me is not responding to emails and I already left her positive feedback on eBay because none of the eggs were broken upon arrival.

    How can I leave a follow-up on eBay regarding the mix-up? I’ve never paid for one breed, only to have a totally different breed come out….

    BTW, these little guys are for sale. I’m thinking I have a female & a male pair as one is very talkative, and the other isn’t. Both are very friendly.
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  2. You can file a dispute. How crappy. [​IMG]

    So what are you going to do with those litle cuties? [​IMG]
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    I'm not buying on ebay anymore, because it's difficult if not impossible to get things straightened out. All anyone cares about is their feedback, and if you've already left positive, you have to deal with ebay customer service. There are links on the ebay site that lead you to customer service. Good luck.
  4. They are for sale.

    I only have one waterfowl pen and I don't want to run them with my Muscovies....

    I'm not sure who to file a dispute, but I'll try at lunch time.

    The post office just called and said I have FIVE boxes of hatching eggs to pick up. Hubby is going to faint...LOL
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    I've had a problem like that too this spring. Bought SLW eggs. Poorly packed and poor hatch..only 2 hatched and I could tell right away they weren't SLW. I emailed and asked if he could have gotten eggs mixed up....The sellers response was they're from show quality stock so they probably weren't what I was used to seeing!!! Give me a break...totally wrong color and they had feathered legs!! After I pointed those things out to him and that I knew what a SLW looked like, show quality or not....and asked what other kinds of chickens he had I've been unable to get a response from him. I finally found he has a website and saw he has buff brahmas...mystery solved. I'm debating what kind of feedback to leave since I don't leave feedback on eggs normally until they hatch. The two chicks are healthy nice chicks and I'll probably keep them in my laying flock if they're pullets, but like you said they're not what I paid for.
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    I'm sorry about your situation!
    Did you leave feedback yet? [​IMG] I usually wait until hatching to be sure. Sellers are not allowed to have bad feedback anymore. I would love to see your little duckies. Are you going to keep them? [​IMG]
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    You can leave a follow up on feedback. Just go to the feedback forum and it will take you thru it. Not that will help but a little satisfaction on your part will help you feel better.
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    Not to make light of your situation, but I wont sell anything to anyone for exactly this reason. I gave a local friend some of my call duck eggs to hatch. What a shock for her when one hatched early, and it was the cutest little chick, instead of a duckling. I cant tell my chicken/duck eggs apart? I also purchased Blue Bib duck eggs off of Ebay, and one was NOT a Blue Bib, it's something else, very cute, but not Blue bib? Pricey something else too. Wonder what it least it's not a chicken? Good luck with your situation - you should try to get your money back.
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    If you paid with paypal, you can file a dispute and escalate it to a claim in which paypal decides if you get your money back or not.

    You should certainly win if you did not get what you paid for.
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    pips&peeps :

    If you paid with paypal, you can file a dispute and escalate it to a claim in which paypal decides if you get your money back or not.

    You should certainly win if you did not get what you paid for.

    Well, the only problem I see with this is, the buyer is asked to return what they received. Hmmmm. How much is it going to cost to send live birds back to the seller.

    I'd leave follow-up feedback and try to sell them.


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