Mystery Illness?

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    Apr 28, 2014
    As everyone with chickens understands, it's always one thing or another.

    I had a chicken acting slightly off recently. I separated her and have been taking care of her as she slowly declines.

    She is about a year old Easter Egger. Was laying last year but still hasn't started laying again for the season.

    Her original symptom was lethargic heavy breathing, sometimes with beak open. You could see her whole body breathing in and out.
    My first thought was egg-bound or respiratory illness, couldn't feel anything off or any egg in there, so I began treating her and the whole flock with tetracycline. It's been 5 days and no change or improvement.

    She hasn't wanted anything to do with her food or water but was still aware enough to know a mealworm when offered.

    Since yesterday she's downhill and another hen in the coop is acting slightly off to me (usually is a spazz, but is standing quietly). So I'm looking for ideas on what to treat them with/what could be possibly going on.

    The stool is runny yellowish white with green thicker portions. No sign of blood in the stool.

    I think I'm going to start treating for Cocci just in case... maybe worm as well?
    Let me know what you think!!

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    Your plan sounds reasonable. Some other antibiotics I have seen recommended for respiratory illnesses are Denagard and Tylan. If that doesn't help, it may be viral. If she passes away, get a necropsy to see if it's something serious running through your flock.
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    I wouldn't treat for unknown things by guessing what it may be. I'd get a fecal sample read at the least. That will let you know if they have worms or some intestinal bacteria.
    Some people say it doesn't hurt to treat for Corid, but if you have no reason to suspect coccidia, there's no reason to treat for it.

    If it is a favorite pet, try an avian vet. If it is part of a larger flock, take it/send it to your state poultry lab for euthanasia and complete necropsy. Then you'll know exactly what you're dealing with and if you need to treat the rest of your flock.
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