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Aug 11, 2020
Hey all! My husband and I got a “mystery bird” from Tractor Supply back in April. When they received their shipment, it did not have a label on it, all they knew was that it was straight run. Since then, he has changed a lot, and is in fact 100% a rooster. Please help me identify what he is! DEF71A56-6AEB-454D-AE83-2EFE2AA2DEB2.jpeg 24DC43C7-BB43-4FC6-8B66-76F4B70A9F23.jpeg AE9B69B4-D8E0-4950-B2ED-0A8A469156A6.jpeg 5176BF26-FBF8-4E4D-8269-918BE6DCDC69.jpeg

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Apr 5, 2015
Tennessee, US
I'm pretty sure he's what TSC calls a "Southern Rambler." There are many threads on this subject, but here are a few. This name might just be another name for Asia Blacks, but the whole thing is a bit of a mystery. The birds seem to be LF, unsilked Silkies. Many seem to have the five toes and dark skin of the Silkies they're derived from.

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