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    Oct 2, 2016
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    My experience:

    I ordered a coop through myurbanfarmers The Resort model. I did this prior to reading any reviews.

    I initially had questions regarding the coop size so I called. I must say they were very helpful and answered all of my questions right away.

    I ordered right at the very beginning of Sept and they said that my resort would be ready mid-sept. I was fine with that as my chicks wouldn't be needing to transfer into their coop until about then.

    Then I found some reviews on this site. I did become a little worried and I did bring up the reviews to the company. They assured me they sell a lot of coops and the negativity is a minority. So I thought all right that is often true, irritated people are much more vocal than happy people. I have a business and I do find that to be true too. (Note to self work on praising people when it is due!!)

    Fast forward to Mid-Sept (around the 17th I contacted them because I hadn't had a shipping notification. They re-assured me that the coop was in fact almost ready to ship and that I should be getting one shortly. Sure enough the beginning of the next week I got my shipping notification and by the end of the week had my coop delivered.

    I set it up last week and we really love it. It wasn't too difficult to assemble it did take more like 3-4 hours instead of the 2 they suggested. But wasn't overly difficult, also for a kit coop I am pretty impressed with the quality. I bought a TSC one a couple years back and this quality is superior in my opinion. I will need to give it some time to see how things go during the winter and how it holds up. But for my part my experience was good and I think that is worth being said.
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    I'm glad to hear you had a great experience! It sounds like they may have upped their customer service game. And if they are packing things better that is awesome. My only hope when dealing with them was to get them to understand what is needed to provide customers with great service (I also own a business) and maybe everything that happened with me and other folks got them to see my point. Glad to hear there are positive experiences out there.
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    My Coop
    We had the smaller version, it didn't come from them but three years later and it has held up pretty good here in Virginia, granted we don't get giant snow storms, but the humidity can rot board pretty quick and that didn't seem to be a big issue with ours, I will say the bottom boards after three years have started to rot, but we also didn't do anything to the wood either to prep for rot either....

    Good luck!

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