N Arkansas need young rooster for flock

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    Jun 12, 2012
    North Arkansas
    Hi, I'm looking for a young rooster to diversify my bloodline. I have a new hatch of chicks (born Sept 20) and I need a rooster from a different variety. My old hens are RI Reds and I have a White Rock/Dominecker rooster. The chicks are all white with black splashes or black with white splashes (not a red one in the bunch!) I'd like a more exotic rooster that I can keep with this batch and become their sire. Send me a reply if you've got one. Any young roosters in my batch will become future suppers, and your rooster will become the heir apparent to the throne.
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    Sorry I did not get back sooner but it's been a hectic day.

    I've been thinking about your post, mainly to do with the genetics and why you got the colors you did. To be honest, I can't totally figure it out. I can figure out the RIR genetic contribution and the Dominique half of the rooster, but the White Rock part of him has me confused a bit. But in any case, if you cross a red rooster with those pullets, you should get red pullets and white roosters. They'll have different patterns in different colors, but the base color should be red for the pullets and white for the baby roosters.

    I'm a little south of Fayetteveille. I don't know how close that is to you. I might have a young rooster you'd be interested in. I've actually got a few different ones for you to choose from, all hatched June 20. They are a barnyard mix, not pure breeds. They all have enough red in them to give some red pullets with your pullets, but some have other colors that would give you a better mix of colors. Let me know if you are close enough and are interested.

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