N. Arkansas / S. MO Swap Meets or Shows?

Kramer Farms

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Apr 13, 2008
K&L Alternative Livestock and Bird Auction in southeast Kansas.

Yates Center, Ks

May 3rd and 4th

Saturday, May 3rd

Sale Order:
Tack and Equipment for around an hour.
Exotic Cattle
Exotic Animals ( camels, zebras, deer, antelope)
Llamas and Alpacas
sheep and goats

Poultry is priced to sell all day long.

Sunday, May 4th

9:00 am Equipment
followed by all remaining poultry.

11:00 am Warm room sells
cage birds, reptiles, small mammals.

admission: $5 one day or $7 for both days.

Commision: 10% on Livestock.
15% on poultry and equipment, min. of $2.50.

All USDA regulations apply.
Poultry and gamebirds must be Pollurum tested. No 2*4 wire cages. All cages must have feeder and water. All cages are sold with birds. All cages need hay and bedding.

Early Consignments:

1 yearling dromedary camel male (tame)

1 yearling zebra male (tame)

25-30 horses (Miniature to Shetland size, some bigger, and some are broke to ride.)

Miniature Donkeys

Standard Donkeys

Miniature Zebu Cattle


Pygmy goats

Typical sales run 200 -300 head of sheep and goats, 30+ llamas, 30-40+ horses and donkeys, 25+ head of cattle, 300-500 cages of poultry, 200-300 cages of warm room lots, usually have buyers from 9-10 states.

For more Information Call Jim Kramer @ 620-423-0832
or e-mail me @ [email protected]


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Jan 6, 2008
Not sure how far you are from NW Arkansas --- but there is a poultry auction every Saturday afternoon in Centerton AR (a few miles outside of Bentonville).

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