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    Oct 14, 2012
    The summers in N. Texas can get pretty hot and I am worried about the chickens getting too hot. My plan is to build a coop that is 4 feet wide on each side and 5 feet tall, it will be about a foot off the ground. The front will have a chicken door and 3 built in nesting boxes. On the left hand side we are planning on putting a vent, hole in the wall with hardware cloth over it. On the back we will have a hinged door the same size as the wall to make cleaning easier. Then on the right side we are planning on putting hardware cloth over the entire wall and then will have a panel wall that can be put back over the hardware cloth we will use door hinges to be able to remove the panel when needed. I am planning on putting a turbine on the roof. Is having just one wall open going to be enough or should I plan on making the right and left wall like I am planning on making the right one?
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    Jan 10, 2011
    Durant, Oklahoma
    I live in Durant, OK (southern Oklahoma) and I think with one whole wall open there won't be any problem with ventilation, but I would suggest a slanted wall covering (hinge at top and opens at bottom forming a slanted roof over wire wall). I suggest this for two reasons: shade and rain protection. Also if you need to add a box fan (which my chickens love during the still hot nights) you can put it under the slanted wall and protect it from whatever.

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