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    Apr 13, 2010
    I have a bantam Silver Duckwing hen that, tonight when I was looking at her, realized she was standing funny--like she's bow-legged! In case i was missing something I looked at her sister, she was standing normally-- legs upright beneath her.

    We picked the bow-legged girl up, and low and behold, her "claws" are so long they're curled up under her toes! We've had her for a month--evidently the people we got her from don't clip anything, because we'd gotten a Buff Brahma roo sometime back, who's spurs are incredibly long-- I don't know how he walks--and I think if he were mating with the hens, their backs would be a mess--but there's no sign of his girls being clawed up, so maybe no chicks from that crowd?

    Anyway, I had no idea you have to clip chickens claws and spurs. I don't know what to do for these two. I don't think the nails are too long on our oldest girls-- hatched out last may. I'm thinking the adult roo's spurs might be getting long--the hen's backs are getting torn up

    Can someone advise me on chicken nails/claws? And roo's spurs?

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    look up hot potato spur removal on here for spur removal... i also use the plier grip and twist method... works easy on some... not on others

    I use dog nail clippers on the regular toe nails or my dremel... both work well.

    twisted toes don't look comfortable to me!

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