Nail fell off last night and still bleeding this afternoon

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    Aug 22, 2012
    Hi, Last night our chicken jumped off my son's lap and then she started bleeding. We found that her nail was bent all the way back and barely hanging on, it ended falling off totally during the process of putting pressure on it. I pretty much held her for two hours to stop the bleeding with cornstarch applied. I then spoke to a vet friend who told me to put a bandaid on it and put her on a cool surface and leave her for the night. This morning it looked like there was still a little oozing, but I did not want to take the bandaid off for fear of bleeding again, and put her back in the coop. I left them for a few hours and this afternoon have noticed that she is holding up her foot and that there is some blood on her foot now. I am just wondering if anyone has any other suggestions. She is acting fine, eating and drinking and walking around, just holding that foot up periodically. I am going to bring her in and clean her up and was thinking about changing the bandaid, but am afraid of more bleeding, last night was aweful with all the blood!
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    Just watch the other chickens as the blood for whatever reason makes them attack the injured bird. Hope she is better soon. Good luck and [​IMG]
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    Try treating the broken nail with veterinary wound powder and keeping the bird isolated for a while. Gentian Violet spray can also be applied and provides a natural antiseptic coverall.
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    Quik Stop always works very well. When our buck goat scratches his scurs off (Yeah, kinda gross, I know, but it's what they do...) we will put some of that on there and it stops really fast.

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