Nail injury or something more?

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    Today my husband found my son's amerucana standing alone with blood all over her face and underbelly. When he didn't see one leg he immediately called me (not one for blood). At first glance she looked rough, but on closer inspection I found that she had her other leg tucked up. She was missing a toenail and had apparently scratched at her head, but we found no other injury. I cleaned and wrapped her toe and put her into the hen house where she has just been sitting. My other hens are not bothering her (they free range) so I thought she would be fine without being separated.

    Based on other posts I am surprised that she is so quiet and inactive. Most others seem to say their chickens continue to act normally, so I am beginning to be concerned. I am still new to chickens and I am wondering: should I be concerned and do something else or could she just be a bit more "sensitive" and just need some time?
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    Shannonwbl, There may be a little bit more to the nail injury than you can see. I would just keep an eye on her for a day or two,,,make sure the other chickens dont start picking at the wound. She will probably be just fine.
    I walked out of my house today and saw three of my hens eating the comb off another. AND SHE STOOD THERE WHILE THEY DID IT.
    Just watch her, she will be fine.
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    My hen lost a nail after an attack from a racoon. The nail just hung there by a flap. Once the nail fell off, I slathered neosporin on it and she's now fine. She did limp for a good two weeks afterwards.
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    Thanks- that makes me feel better. I cleaned it, put neosporin on it then wrapped it. I have seen her walk and scratch with it, but she definitely didn't want to move around much. When I checked on her a while ago she had moved up to the perch, so that is a good sign. I will clean it and rewrap it in the morning. Hopefully she will be more willing to move around.

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