NAIS, NAFTA, and other terrible things

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    This is a continuation of a subject from another thread.

    In my opinion, I feel that NAFTA takes away important jobs and resources from the U.S. and ships them to countries who have little or no ability to help us out. It is a thinly veiled way to get cheap labor from third world countries and deprive our citizens of jobs.

    NAIS is a way for the government to keep tabs on agriculture and will be detrimental to the small time producer. Apparently what they want is to keep tabs and restrictions on producers in the U.S. to make it possible to import even more foreign meat and products. This will give foreign producers much more liberty while crippling domestic production.

    Charlie, I agree that we shouldn't import any meat. In fact, I favor isolationism even though there are many who will disagree with me. If all these countries hate us so bad, we should just pull up our stakes and come home and protect our own borders and feed our own people and take care of ourselves. If our country can't take care of its' own, what good is it?
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    Amen to that!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I agree with the meat isolation, I have always said that each state shoud raise their own meat and then when something breaks out it would be isolated. I am fed up with the
    _ _ vt' taking all of our resources and sending them overseas and then raising our taxes to keep "them" up. Do you think they are complaining about gas prices? No! Because we are filling up their tanks. But one thing I do see happening, when the " millinial depression hits, "they" will be the first to fall. "They" will not know how to get through. My 2 cents.
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    Buster, will you run for President???!?
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    Quote:No disagreement here!!! We are johhny on the spot with aid to foreign countries when disaster strikes. There are still people living in campers due to losing their homes from Katrina. [​IMG]
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    Quote:LOL! That is actually one of the few things I think I am still too young for. I am only 31 and I think the minimum age requirement is older than that. Besides that, my pockets aren't padded with special interest money and I don't think I could be corrupt enough to survive in the government, so that probably rules me out. [​IMG] Honestly though, if I could find a candidate that thinks like me I would vote for him in a second.

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