Naked bottom chicken and strange ridges on eggs!

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    Sep 21, 2014
    Melbourne, Australia
    Hi, I'd love to get some advice about our lovely Australorp, Camilla. It's Spring time here down under in Australia so moulting season is well and truly over however Camilla's bottom has been naked and a bit red for the last two months with no sign of pin feathers coming through (see first photo).
    We have wormed in the last three months, checked and dusted her and the nest for mites every week but to no avail. As for her egg production, it has been quite consistent although she is slowing down to every other day more recently and several weeks ago, there was blood on her eggs for a day and since then ridges have been apparent on all her eggs with no further bleeding (see second photo) - but I suspect this is separate issue to her feathers.
    Any suggestions for what might be the cause of her naked bottom would be helpful. She seems well otherwise and remains a greedy guts ;)
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