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  1. Hi Guys, So normally I'm just a reader but this time I didn't see anything that could really help me. So I have 2 RIR 2 Barred Rock and 2 Black Sex links all 1 year old lay ed through the winter and still laying an egg a day from each.. So somehow I didn't notice till a few weeks ago probably due to the winter coming to an end, but my 2 Sex links have large bald patches below their vents, no bloody spots only one has a bruise where it looks like she pulled a feather and it left a little purplish spot (treated with vetericyn just in case) BUT Its only the 2 sex links. I have inspected for mites and lice also dusted everything heavily from the chickens and coop to the run in DE. I'm almost clueless as to what the cause is. Could it be a lack of calcium? I give them crushed egg shells about once or twice a month, does it need to be more? What other causes could it be? Keep in mind I only use natural treatments as I can. But the health of these girls is very important to me plus I have 1 month old silkies soon to be introduced so I need this cleared asap!
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    Calcium supplement should be available all the time. I mix eggshells and oyster shell 50-50 and offer in a separate feeder.
    I find they use in spurts. Will stay full for a while, then suddenly it's gone.
    The feather loss sounds like feather picking. If there are no lice or mites, then it could be a bully, could be crowding, could be they need more protein in their diet. For bullying or crowding you will need to observe to see what's going on. Especially watch what happens when they go to roost in the evening. For protein you can mix in or switch to a grower feed or feather fixer feed. Make sure to offer the oyster shell always as the non-layer feeds do not have enough calcium for laying hens. I generally mix layer and grower 50-50 in my flock and offer free choice oyster shell mix since I have mixed hens and roos. My hens actually do better on this than on straight layer feed. Just my experience. And during molt I switch completely to a higher protein feed.
  3. Thanks Coach, they are on a high protein layer feed because of our cold winters.. no bullying, all sleep on one perch even though there is 2 and the coop is large enough for 12 birds and only have 6 in it. They have oyster shell grit available at all time but will be adding more egg shells now so thank you for that tip.. I will also look into the feather fixer feed and see if it differs from what I already am using thanks for that as well.

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