Naked chicken... I feel a lot of guilt....


11 Years
Aug 28, 2008
New England.. the cold part.
This is Ninja chicken. She was abused by her boyfriend. We got rid of him this past june. Her feathers are all broken, and icky, and don't seem to be growing at all. She's lost MORE feathers since, on both sides of her tail, and looks just terrible. I feel terrible about allowing it to happen, but honestly, it was SO fast! I thought it was normal, and then it turned into this....
What can I do, besides hiring magsrags to make her a chicken sweater for the winter? Will it EVER grow back? Her buddy super chicken, who also 'dated' evil mr. rooster has some naked spots, but her wings cover them, they don't seem to be growing back real well either... what do I DO? Ninja Chicken's shoulders are naked as well, and often are really, really red looking, I figured maybe sunburn, is there some supplements? would pulling out the broken off feathers help? I am ready to do almost anything.... does this mean she's a 'broken chicken', and needs to be culled (God forbid)? Will she ever lay eggs again? HELP!
You know pulling out the broken feathers MIGHT help, they say for show chickens and roos especially if you pull his tail feathers they grow back in quicker. I would opt for a chicken saddle to cover her bare spots and also protect her from the sun. Poor girl....bad roo!!!!
rotate clockwise then counter clockwise, then pull. Just make sure it's not blood feathers aka new feathers.

Chicken saddles will keep her warm this winter. It might be easier for you!
What kind of feed are you giving them? Protein content? And what ingredient is used to provide the protein?

She and her friend should have already grown their feathers back by now.
I know some old timers that give suet blocks and high protein treats in the fall to give extra energy for feather growth during the molt.
i feed them organic layer feed, and they free range in the afternoons. i don't know the contents of the feed, it's a vermont company, and I get it right from the mill in Bethel, which is nice, and $4 cheaper than the cheapest feed store.

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