Naked Neck chickens for sale BUY IT NOW! hatching eggs also

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    Apr 25, 2011
    I have some naked neck chickens for sale one is a cute buff cockerel with a little beard around 2 months old $5.00 the dad is what some call the bantam size there smaller than a typical standard size tuken but bigger than my japanese bantams.
    I have a few others that are a little younger sex unknown buff and some white for $5.00 each
    White grown pea combed naked neck rooster $10
    Pair of red with black tails naked necks these are around 6 months old $20
    Black naked neck hen with some brown on her grown will sell with a red rooster with a black tail naked neck for $20
    Blue barred naked neck rooster $10
    Red barred naked neck rooster $10
    2 other naked neck roosters red with black tails $10 each
    white pair naked necks bantam size half silkie $25

    I could possibly ship but would prefer local pickup on the turkens.

    I will sell hatching eggs from my naked neck turkens as well $2.00 per egg plus $16 for shipping up to 6 eggs at one time.
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