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    So I had three naked necks, two cockerels and one pullet. My pullets gone now and I’m stuck with two naked neck cockerels. The navy recruiter at my high school recently got into chickens and would like a rooster. I want to get rid of one of my naked necks because I don’t want two more cockerels in my flock; I’m tired of roosters. So my parents are very hesitant to give him away and they want to give him my seven mo broiler. I don’t want to do that because he’s attacked three of my chicks in a month, I’d rather just eat him. Anyways so how much would a roughly five month old naked neck cockerel sell for? 860CBED4-52B2-4C55-9738-0FCFF1F9C706.jpeg
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    Give the Recruiter the NN, and say, Just give me enough to purchase one of these. Hot and ready at many places.
    You state in your own words that the rooster is mean to your chickens, so getting that one relocated is a WIN WIN, Besides,,,, read some posts and you can see that rehoming roosters is a constant struggle. Most get rehomed into the cooking pot.
    WISHING YOU BEST,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:highfive:

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