Naked Neck Cross with fully feathered necks.


11 Years
Jul 28, 2008
I have read and searched and read about Naked Neck genetics and crosses, but I would love a definitive answer since I can't for sure find one here though I've been searching for about an hour and a half. The closest I got was this: But I'd like confirmation.

If a feather necked chick from a Naked Neck (unknown if pured for Nakedness) X feather necked breed has a feathered neck, then will that bird be able to make any Naked Neck babies?

Same question phrased differently in case I was unclear: If a child of a hatchery Naked Neck (with a huge neck) tuft crossed with a pure perfect Buff Orpington has a fully feathered neck, is that chick a non-carrier of Naked Neck genes? Meaning that there are no recessive Naked Neck genes that can be passed on through future matings.

Hi! If you don't see naked neck, then they are not carrying the gene for naked neck and won't pass it on.
Good luck!

Oh. Hmmm. Back to the drawing board then. Except I don't feel like hatching more eggs. Thanks for info.

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