Naked Neck Easter Egger


13 Years
Apr 13, 2007
Choctaw Oklahoma
I have a Naked Neck Easter Egger rooster.
He is out of a NN rooster and an EE hen.
He has muffs like an Ameracauna so my question is since he has muffs does that mean he will also carry the blue egg gene?
Can he carry one and not the other?
Just guessing! He would carry the blue egg gene. His sisters may lay brown eggs. If you bred him to a EE the pullets would lay blue eggs? I have been told a roosters genes go to the pullets and the hens genes goes to the cockerals then line breed according to your needs. again just guessing!
If he's pea combed his chances are greater.
If the EE hen laid blue or green eggs, chances are either 50% or 100% he has the gene.. depending on whether she was not pure or pure for the blue eggshell gene.

The blue eggshell gene is also closely linked to the pea comb gene.. BUT, not all EE have peacombs linked with the blue eggshell gene, as evidenced by EE laying brown or tan eggs being relatively common. So, even this will take some guesswork via test breeding or simply see what sort of offspring they throw.

Anyways.. if you want more naked neck EE just breed the roo to any hen that lays blue or green eggs and you are guaranteed to hit on several naked necked blue/green egger EE hens.

In other words, just be sure to use parents that have both the naked neck and hens laying blue or green eggs for each generation.

I would not recommend breeding peacombed NN with another peacombed NN as this might throw some birds that are "too naked" and may not handle very cold winters too well?

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