Naked Neck Roo in CT


12 Years
Apr 8, 2007
Still have my NN roo if anyone in the area is looking. I would prefer not to ship, at least to far anyway. He is a light rooster, although he is a standard. Does a great job watching out for the ladies when free ranging.

Hi Kevin,
Did we "speak" on PM and you decided not to have him shipped there due to cost?
maybe i dont remember but maybe oh wait thats right i think we did and shipping was crazy but i figured you would have already found him a home sorry
Just curious, I saw that you live in CT, do you live anywhere near Putnam/Danielson area? My husband and I are looking to get some chicks and want to buy locally, just wondering if you know/recommend anyone. Thank you.
I dont know anyone with chicks locally. I do know someone with a NN roo

I can get you hatching eggs if you'd like.
Group #1 : Reds, Blue Orps, Buff Orps with NN roo
Group #2 : Same hens with a Splash Orp roo

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