Naked Neck Turken Cockerel

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    This cockerel was hatched naturally on August 26th and raised by a momma hen under my watchful eye. The birds are extremely healthy, cheerful, and active. They are $5.00 each.

    If you're interested in any of the livestock you see here or on my website at please contact me.

    This bird looks like a turkey due to its "naked neck", but it's all chicken! It was bred this way to be easier for cooks to pluck. Strangely, Turkens are said to fare very well in the cold despite their feather shortcomings and big combs (though these features do help them in the heat). They have an unusual look that some people don't care for, but they are also calm, very friendly and one of the easiest chickens to tame. Relatively rare in North America, Naked Necks are very popular in Europe, especially France and Germany.

    This silly looking guy was hatched from a beautiful olive green egg I put under my broody Buff Orpington this summer. He has lovely "chrome" plumage and funny little feathered feet.
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