Naked Neck Turken pair's selling out!!!

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    Apr 25, 2011
    I have many Naked neck turken chickens for sale only 2 roosters left to sell $25 for 1 pair, hens by themselves I want $20 each for or 2 for $35. One pair that has a rose comb hen is a cuckoo coloring and rooster is a crele color. one btw hen with a pea comb, all others have straight combs have many black tailed red in hens,1 black mottled hen, another that is black with just a few white spots, some black with brown on chest, a buff and white hen and rooster white with buff cuckoo coloring, a whiteish color bearded hen. I prefer pickup but will ship $16 for 1 box and for 1 pair it will take 2 boxes. Shipping costs guesstimating would be around $100 depending on your zipcode.
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