naked neck turken vs. production bird?


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Mar 21, 2012
I have heard that the Naked neck turken will lay ALOT of eggs. Most people say they lay an egg everyday. So my question is are turkens as effective as production birds? Does anyone whos owned them for a long time know how long they lay for?


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May 11, 2011
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I'm not familiar with turkens, but I would think that if they were good production birds that they'd be used as such commercially (and they're not). Then again, there are a lot of breeds out there who lay very very well and aren't production birds; doesn't mean that they can't earn their keep or make a tidy profit for you. Just means that the profit margin may not be what commercial farms would consider acceptable.


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May 14, 2012
Turkens tend to go broody so they can't be compared with White Leghorns and co. I really wonder though if White Leghorns are the undisputed egg laying champions. The White Leghorn is such a beautiful breed, they look so elegant, but I can't stand the Roos, they are scranny, mean, and basically a doofus. No offense to any Leghorn Roo admirer. However, the White Leghorn hen is a thing of beauty!!! Girls yay!! XD


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Jan 13, 2008
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I think the main thing is turken vs "regular breeds"- not bred for production. Example, a turken may be a better layer than a wyandotte or campine. I have noticed that my turkens start laying much earlier and longer than blue laced red wyandottes, lay bigger eggs than the wyandottes and so on.

But, production bred birds were bred for 'maximum production by the professionals' so they will be better layers in general than almost anything else. They have the bonus of being selected and bred by people with the supermarket egg production in mind.. turkens did not get that kind of attention, so production breds will do better.

If turkens *did* get that sort of production breeding attention, they'd probably easily be as good layers.

as is, turkens are good for backyard dual purpose breed. one apparent con about production bred birds, especially the "sex links" is that some hens can run into egg laying related problems.

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