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  1. I have some pics of the 4 newbies whose breed I have no idea about and at the bottom, my confusing Australorps...

    The newbies are about 6 weeks old.. the Aussies have a hatch date of April 4 or 7..
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  2. Mahonri

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    I haven't a clue what #1 and #2 are.

    I'd guess that #4 and #5 are Black Stars.
  3. citychickers

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    When the sun hits just right do their black feathers have a gorgeous blue/teal color? Mine do...I've been told "Black Orpington's" They are the SWEETEST most loving chicks. One will literally climb into our laps to sit. They're both roo's though....we are so sad that we'll have to find new homes for them. The "Roo Relocation Program" as I like to call it![​IMG]
  4. My Black Australorps have those shiny blue green feathers when the sun hits them.. I haven't seen it in the new ones yet.. they are still a bit skittish..
  5. Gindee77

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    The two small black ones look like my black sex-link pullets.
  6. Quote:Do some of them have short tails?
  7. Chickndaddy

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    The first one could be an Anacona or a Mottle Java. The second one looks like a little Easter Egger. They both look like little roosters.
  8. Chickndaddy

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    Jul 26, 2007
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    The second one could be a Dark Brahma roo too...

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