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Apr 20, 2007
only the shadow knows.....
Found two places here in NC that sells food-grade DE so I took a ride. It was either 60miles of city traffic or 60 miles of highway. I chose the highway. Over in Morganton, I found Belle Farm Store. OOOOOOOOOOOOOH!! Old timey farm supply store that's got everything you need! And of course what did I hear when I walked in the door?!!!!!!!!! PEEP PEEP PEEP PEEP!!!!!!

Just look.....yeah right! I had planned on getting a few in a couple of weeks. BOY DOES TIME FLY OR WHAT?!!

No idea what I have. The lady at the store wasn't sure either. I apologize in advance for the lousy pictures. I've got an old digital. One of the 1st ones that ever came out at WallyWorld.

Care to take a guess??!!


These one have eye liner! Buff with darker brown markings. Stipes running down the back. Dark in the center, lighter, then buff. I've got 2 of these.


Similar to the one above but brown instead of buff.3 of these


Black and buff. Lady said she thinks it a Jersey Giant. I've got 2


Buff or RIR? Got 2


Can only discribe as cinnamon in color. Has feathers on feet. 2 of these.


Last but not least. Cinnamon in color. No feathers on the feet. Fiesty little bugger too! Just 1 of these.

Anybody got any ideas?!
I can't tell for sure. I do know you folks in the warmer climates are fortunate to have the stores with the day old peeps in them.

Way to go....

oh, I'm so excited to hear you've found an NC source for DE! I'm definetly going to check out the store, Morganton's not too awfully far from me.

You're chicks are cutie-patooties!
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I dont have any idea about your new peeps! I did want to ask where you found the other store with food grade DE? I am in NC and would love to save on shipping if it is anywhere near where I travel.
I got the DE at Belle Farm Store in Morganton. It's on Kathy Rd, Exit 96 off I40. less than a mile north off the exit.

There is this other place in Monroe.
Windcrest Farm
518 Greenfield Drive
Monroe, NC 28112

Belle had 50lbsfor $25. Windcrest was $30. I got 100lbs!!
Everybody got dusted today!!!!

Still looking for chicke ID's!!
Heres my guesses on your chickys!...

1. Golden Laced Wyandotte
2. Easter egger...(better pics would help me be 100%)
3. Black Australorp
4. Rhode Island Red
5. Partridge Cochin
6. Partridge Rock...(would also need better pics to be 100%)

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