Name these chickens! I don't know what breed(s) they are, nor do I know their sexes. Please help!

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    name these chickens! I don't know what breed(s) they are, nor do I know their sexes yet. Please help![​IMG]
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    How old are they for the rest
  3. I would say top picture is definitely a rooster, middle picture it looks like the 4 closest to the camera are rooster and two in the back are possibly hens but not close enough to see clearly. Bottom picture it looks like the two on the right are roosters but again, a hard angle to tell.

    To get an accurate appraisal of the birds you should get pictures which show a clear side view of the bird and it has to be a close enough picture to clearly show the feathering around the neck (hackle) and the base of the tail/end of back (saddle). A rather close up shot directly down on their back would also work if you can't catch a good side view of them. If these feathers are thinner and pointed then that is a sign of rooster, shorter and rounded feathers in these locations are more indicative of hens.

    Combs, wattles and spur bumps aren't definitive at a younger age or with birds of unknown breeding... since their are too many variations in these based on level of maturity and breed.
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    In that group shot, the first two front reds are boys, and the next up orange one is a boy. The way to tell is that sheen on the neck feathers and look at their backs, too. Those are hackle and saddle feathers developing. If you're never sure on a young bird, check its back and neck feathers for ones that look especially shiny. Those three are definite boys, the rest are girls in the group shot.

    Edited to add: Forgot there's two group shots. The last group shot -- The two red birds centered are boys, the black and brown one is a girl.
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    X2 on Bantamlover21's guesses.

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