Name this breed....


6 Years
Sep 19, 2013
I have a cute little chicken but I have no idea what kind of chicken she is. She hasn't started laying eggs yet so I can't give any information on egg type. I had another one of these girls that had a big head poof but sadly got taken by a fox. This girl has no feathers on her head but she does have some on her checks. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a ton! The chicken in question is the one with the spots.
Thanks so much for the quick responses! I am so glad to find out what breed she is! I had no idea she was so rare. I just got her from the local feed store. If I would have known it was such a rare breed I would have gotten more. I will talk to the feed store to see if they can get more, she is a very sweet chicken. In response to the feather question, she has clean legs, no feathers on her legs.

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