Name your 3 top favorite chicken breeds and why please


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Hey I have a mixed flock of different breeds from d'uccles to sussex, to plymouths and polish, and mutts to buttercups, and more! Even some peafowl and muscovies!! I love these birds and I am always up for adding some more birds to my flock of friendly chickens! I believe they make wonderful pets and I'm sure many of you think the same! I just want you to name your 3 favorite breeds of chickens, ducks, geese, or turkeys (or a mix!) Or name more than 3! And include why you love them!!!


---Happy Flocking!!
I like my easter egger. She lays blue, medium eggs. I also enjoy my golden comet for her laying ability. I have a jersey giant that is very well tempered. Most of my chickens are mutts!
Ameraucana, Australorp and Sussex.
Ameraucana, because they lay blue eggs and have great personality
Australorp because they are regular layers, hardy birds and don't tend to wander
Sussex because they're pretty
1). Naked Necks - They're hardy in all weather, are good layers, friendly, and have their own style.

2.) Australorps - They're so docile, broody (which is great when you don't have an incubator), love their dark eyes and shimmering feathers, dependable layers.

3.) EE's - Nice variety, colored eggs, hardy, good layers, seem to get along with everyone.

I'm not about egg production. I just enjoy my birds, their personalities and seeing what I get when I mix 'em up.
Euskal Oiloa, Marans and Sussex.
Euskal Oiloa ( Basque Chicken) : friendliest breed, dual-purpose, hardy, robust, excellent layer(220 a yr.),
best barnyard fowl in existance.

Marans: dual-purpose, dark/dense eggs(180 a yr.) , good color projects, excellent eating.

Sussex: curious, dual-purpose, good layers, set type and plumage, excellent eating..
Karen in western PA, USA.
I know this is kind of old, but here's my Top 3 favorite breeds.
Silkie: Very broody breed, good mothers. They're also hardy.
Polish: Funny to watch. They are also gorgeous.
Bantam Mutts: Good sitters. Pretty, and one of a kind.
1. Sebright Bantam. They are beautiful with their perfect lacing pattern. They have bold personality. Not afraid to show their status rank despite their tiny size. I would love to have them again!

2. Rhode Island Red-a classic heritage breed worth having. Beautiful mahogany red coloration. I love their egg production capability.

3.White Faced Black Spanish. I have never own this breed. But I think I will love them. I find them so regal looking with their white face and their stark black feather plume.

Personally their so much favorites and it honestly hard to choose your top 3 with so many unique breed out their. :)
I don’t have a top three, I love silkies so much. They are so fluffy and funny. They also are super friendly and are great mothers.

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