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    Oct 14, 2013
    Here all you do is list all of your hens/roosters you've ever named (don't forget their breed!), and the name of your flock (if you have one). If you have pics of them, you can post those too. Try to put it in the order of the pecking order and add their personality (or should I say chickenality?).
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    Oct 14, 2013
    My flock: I myself just call them the Pine Flock for no apparent reason, but my family probably has other ideas.

    Rain: This vicious rooster that is plain dumb is a Silver Sebright. He thinks he's awesome and attacks the fence every time I walk by. He's supposedly the leader but some hens are competing with him. In a fight he ripped out two of his very long tail feathers.

    Ruby: Ruby is a Rhode Island Red and she is very quiet. She enjoys being handled, but she usually pecks the other hens when she eats. When she's in the nesting box she tips her beak down and glares at you with an intensity only a hawk has. We call it the "Ruby Glare".

    Night: This Barred Rock is gentle except when it comes to food. She's pretty fat (even for a Barred Rock) and usually peeps although she is two years old already now. When you try to pick her up she always flaps her wings. She's a pretty decent flyer for a chicken.

    Daffodil: Daffodil is a Golden Comet hen. She loves food and is very talkative (if chickens talk). She is the lightest color of the three Golden Comets. When they were chicks she was in command, and is a day older than all the other hens (and roosters).

    Sun: She is the darkest of the three Golden Comets. She likes to sleep in the nesting box and is pretty friendly.

    Disco: She is a Rhode Island Red and is light brown. When you look in the nesting box and she is in there, she shrieks. She also makes nervous sounds when she eats with the other hens. She is light and runs pretty fast.

    Candle: She is the lowest in the order, but she runs very fast and can slip away with food in her beak, so she is great at stealing. She is rather calm around humans and keeps her distance from rain. She's a Golden Comet.

    Chickens who have passed away:

    Mini: I have no idea what breed he was. A Siririan? He was tiny and colorful and had a quiet crow. One night, he fought with a raccoon. He won and the raccoon fled, but later he died of injuries.

    Silver: After Mini died, we bought Rain. Unfortunately, he was mean and Silver was forced to the bottom of the pecking order. She was a very dark Rhode Island Red, almost black. When Rain began tormenting her, she spent most of her time inside. One very hot day she got a heat stroke and died. She used to be bossy, but when Rain came along she always ran towards the humans for protection.
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    We call our flock the six pack. Because there are 6 of them. Coop is called the six pack shack.

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