Names #2

One of the problems you will have is that when they hatch you probably will not know sex. That can make it a bit challenging in coming up with appropriate names. We all have our own favorites for what we think are good names. Some of the sources you may draw upon are:

1. Relatives, especially from further back in your geneology.

2. People you used to know, like teachers, former classmates, or coaches.

3. Characters from mythology, whether Greek, Norse, Egyptian, or something else.

4. Entertainers or characters from movies or shows you enjoy

5. Flowers, trees, or vegetables

6. Gems like diamond, emerald, or whatever

7. Have you read a good book? Maybe characters from that or maybe fairy tale characters.

8. If you have a hobby or passion of some sort, names from that.

9. Your favorite characters out of history

10. Any other theme you might come up with. Your only limit is your imagination.

Speaking of books and rabbits, have you read Watership Down? It was written by Adams in 1972 so a copy may be hard to find, but it is about rabbits and I think very well written. You might enjoy it. It's one of the few books I recommend.

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